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    WARETA Bag Sealer Machine

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    Mini Bag Sealer Heat Sealer Chip Bag Sealer Food Sealer W WARETA Bag Sealer Heat Seal Handheld Bag Sealer Clip Kitchen Gadgets, Plastic Sealer for Plastic Bag Foil Bag Chip Bag Snack Bags Snack Bag

    • INNOVATIVE KITCHEN GADGET: This handheld chip bag sealer is a fun and useful addition to any modern kitchen- and makes an unforgettable gift on any occasion.
    • ECO-FRIENDLY FOOD SAVER: Save and reuse open plastic packaging, and stop letting food go stale and contribute to the growing landfill- this bag sealer helps you stop wasting food and lets you make the most out of any disposable package you use.
    • EASY TO USE: Simply switch on, wait 20-30 seconds, and apply pressure to gently press closed any plastic bag seal in moments, careful not to touch the heating plate. With a convenient power cord, you don’t have to worry about batteries dying or losing charge.
    • SCOPE of USE: Bag sealer is called, heat sealer, chip bag sealer, plastic sealer, handheld bag sealer, can seal plastic bags, potato chip bags, cookie bags, aluminum film bags, polyurethane bags, aluminum foil bags, PVC bags, and other hot melt material bags.
    • Bag Sealer Introduction:

      • The heat sealer is made of PTC heating sheet and ABS plastic, with a novel design and convenient storage.
      • The chip bag sealer can seal plastic bags, mylar bags, vacuum food bags, snack bags, potato chip bags, cookie bags, aluminum film bags, polyurethane bags, aluminum foil bags, PVC bags, and other hot melt material bags.
      • The sealing machine adopts 110V voltage and an American standard two-hole plug. No need to buy batteries repeatedly, saving cost.
    • Bag sealer sealing range

      • The sealing machine is suitable for plastic bags, vacuum food bags, cookie bags, potato chip bags, polyurethane bags, aluminum film bags, PVC plastic bags.
      • The heat sealer isn't suitable for ultra-thin plastic bags, pure paper bags, fabric bags, and other bags not belonging to hot melt material.
    • Heat sealer operation methods and precautions: 

      • Sealing machine operation method: connect the power supply, turn on the sealer switch, LED indicator light glows, wait about 30 seconds, but the sealing bag into the corrugated sealing chip, press the sealer; according to the thickness of different materials press the waiting time is different. After the sealing machine is used, wait for the heating chip to cool down before putting it into the storage box.
      • Heat sealer precautions: when the sealing machine is working, it is prohibited to touch the heating chip with your hands; prohibited to use under 18 years old; placed in a position where children cannot touch it after use. If the power cord is found to be broken or ruptured, it is prohibited to use.


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