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    Nebulizer Machine for Adults and Kids, Portable Nebulizer of Cool Mist

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    • Auto Shut-Off: When the medicine is almost used up, our nebulizer will shut down automatically. It is also equipped with an automatic cleaning function, just remove the accessories, pour out the residue and add an appropriate amount of water, and then turn on the device to start cleaning.
    • Refuse Noise: It's pretty quiet, virtually noiseless operation, noise level as low as 25 dB, it will not disturb others. At the same time, a quiet nebulizer will reduce children's anxiety and prevent them from feeling uncomfortable during use.
    • Easy to Portable: Our portable nebulizer is small in size and light in weight. It is suitable for use at home or in the office, and can also be carried with you when traveling on business. It can be used with battery or USB cable, which is very convenient.
    • Nebulizer Machine for Adults & Kids: Mesh Nebulizer for adults and kids daily use, it comes with masks for adults and kids, and a universal mouthpiece. Just remember to disinfect mask or mouthpiece after use.
    • Efficient Nebulizer Ability: Creates a continuous fine mist, the small particles in each atomization ≤ 5 µm. Its condensation rate ≥ 0.2ml/min, get you back to a comfortable state faster.

    What is Mesh Nebulizer ?


    Mesh Nebulizer is designed with ultrasonic Vibrating Mesh Technology (VMT). With this technology a mesh/membrane with 1000–7000 drilled holes vibrates at the top of the liquid reservoir, and thereby pressures out a mist of very fine droplets through the holes. This technology can increase efficiency and shorten working hours.


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    Quiet inhaler


    Noiseless operation, practically noiseless operation, noise level of only 25 dB, ideal for babies and children.

    1. Please do not use distillery tap water, multi-filtered purified water or oil substances for humidifier.

    2. Please clean and maintain the device after each use so that it can fog up next time.

    3. Keep the equipment and accessories dry after each use.

    4. In the event of a malfunction, do not touch the spray grille with sharp or hard objects or fingers.


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