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    Intelligent Floor Cleaning Robot Automatic Vacuum Cleaner & Robot Sweeping Machine

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    This Package Includes:

    • Main machine
    • Charge Cable
    • One brush
    • Manual

    TypeA-without Remote control

    Cleaning up garbage: such as soot, melon seeds shells, snack debris, sand, hair, wood chips, etc.
    Applicable floor: marble, ceramic tile, wooden floor, general carpet, etc.

    Material: ABS plastic
    Product size: 20 * 20 * 6.2cm/7.87*7.87*2.44"
    Color: Black
    Body lithium battery: 3.7V 2000mAh
    Working time: about 90-120 minutes
    Charging time: 240-300 minutes
    Service life:> 2 years
    Cleaning area: 90-120m㎡
    Suction: 1600PA
    Working voltage: 3.7V
    Rated power: 6W
    Dust box: about 400mL
    Noise: <40dB

    TypeB-with Remote control

    Product Advantages:
    1. Ultra-thin body: the height of the body is only 3.15inch, easy to clean the bottom of the bed, the bottom of the sofa.
    2. Ultra-low noise: The working noise is less than 55 decibels, which does not affect watching TV or sleeping.
    3. Energy saving and environmental protection: working power is only 30 watts, 3 hours per day, only 1 kWh per month.
    4. Remote control operation: wireless remote control, let children develop a good habit of loving labor in entertainment.
    5. Six cleaning modes: automatic mode, edge mode, point cleaning mode,auto recharge, schedule cleaning, anti dropping.
    8. Cleaning 3 in 1:Vacuum & Sweep & Mop
    9. Patent design of Turbofan & Air Duct for stronger suction power
    10. Unique appearance design from famous design team LKK

    Intelligent functions:

    1. One-button operation: American carbon film touch switch, all-round induction, the machine automatically enters the working state, saving worry and effort.
    2. Automatic charging: automatically find charging station charging when there is no power.
    3. So, there is a Smart appointment: By appointment function, you can freely specify the time when the machine starts working.
    4. Intelligent anti-collision: 11 pairs of sensors are arranged in the front shell of the machine, and the objects such as vases and antiques are automatically bypassed.
    5. Intelligent anti-drop: 4 pairs of sensor heads are arranged on the base of the machine, hitting a drop of more than 8cm, automatically retreating.



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