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    Golf Putting Mat For Home & Office

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    • IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT: The real reason why you're not getting better at golf is your short game. Around 36 of the strokes in a round of par 72 golf are putts. So, 40% - 50% of the game is all about putting. That's why investing in a professional golf green putting mat for indoors like ours could make all the difference. You can use this golf indoor putting green to entertain your friends and family right at home; It also makes an excellent gift idea for men; Surprise a lucky fella on his big day.
    • THE BIG GUYS DON'T MAKE IT EASIER EITHER: With so many other golf putting green mats being pushed hard by big brands with deep pockets, it's virtually impossible for you to pick the right one. So, let me ask you this: Can overpromoted, hyped-up golf putting greens for indoor use with UNEVEN ramps and UNRELIABLE ball return systems really help you improve your short game?
    • THIS IS HOW THE LITTLE GUY GETS AHEAD: We know it may be hard to hit the golf course 2-3 times every week, but unless you have the right golf training aid to practice your putting you'll be left behind by your golf buddies. But guess who's going to be ready to impress his play partners and laugh all the way to the golf court next time with this putting matt for indoors?
    • IS REALLY OUR PRODUCT YOUR BEST CHOICE? Let's see... Our buttery smooth surface, even when some little bumps here and there, is the closest thing to real green. It's a large putting green(9"X3") with a slight uphill elevation; deep cups; non-slip rubber bottom, and will help you improve your putting game... Flaws? You may get a couple of bumps or creases in some cases, but other than it's a premium product
    • THERE ARE OTHER CHEAPER OPTIONS: Yes, some people may be tempted to go for the golf putting mats that cost HALF or even 1/3 of this one... but why risk it? Our product is backed by our rock-solid satisfaction promise: "If you're not happy with your practice putting green indoor golf putting green, at any moment in time, just get in touch with us and we'll make it right for you"
    Indoor Golf Putting MatIndoor Golf Putting MatYou Drive For Show & Putt For Dough Practice Without Going To The CourseBall Rolls Like It's A Real Putting GreenResearched & Designed By A Golf Pro

    You Drive For Show & Putt For Dough

    Practice Without Going To The Course

    Ball Rolls Like It's A Real Putting Green

    Researched & Designed By A Golf Pro

    Every golfer wants to stripe missiles 300 yards down the fairway and add an extra 10-15 yards to all of their irons. But if you really want to shoot lower scores fast, then your focus should be on the short game, especially putting. You can go from shooting in the 100s to 90s, 90s to 80s, or 80s to 70s just by becoming a better putter.

    With this professional indoor putting mat, we made it easy to perfect this part of your game. You don't have to go to the course or find a driving range with a putting green. You can roll out the mat at home or the office and practice your stroke whenever you want. Remember, "repetition creates the master."

    Have you ever putted on an indoor mat that had tons of little bumps and creases? How can you get better if the ball doesn't roll true? We solved that issue. You won't find any creases or ridges on this mat; it will lay perfectly flat every time. Each putt will roll as smooth as the greens at Augusta.

    Golf Training Edge was created by Shaun Webb, a certified PGA professional. Combining his years of golf knowledge and training students at all levels, he developed training aids to help golf enthusiasts elevate their games. He uses every Golf Training Edge product not only when he's working on his own game but also when he's giving lessons.

    Wide Mat For A More Realistic Feel Balls Won't Pop Out Of The Holes Heavy-Duty Materials That Will LastPro Golf Tips To Elevate Your Game

    Wide Mat For A More Realistic Feel

    Balls Won't Pop Out Of The Holes

    Heavy-Duty Materials That Will Last

    Pro Golf Tips To Elevate Your Game

    Part of getting comfortable over a putt is your stance and alignment to the hole. That's why we designed a wide, thick putting mat. It's 9 feet long and 3 feet wide, so you can really dial in your pre-shot routine and get a comfortable stance before you putt the ball. The closer you can make your putting practice to the real thing, the better.

    Imagine this, you read the green and stroke the perfect putt. The ball is rolling dead center to cup, and it looks like you can mark down another 1 or 2 putt. But the ball pops out of the hole! That won't happen on an actual course, so why should it on your practice mat? This mat is equipped with deep, true-to-size holes, so the ball will stay in the hole when you roll one in.

    The moment you pull this putting green out of the box, you'll notice the thickness and how high-quality it feels. It's not cheap and flimsy. Besides the perfectly flat, realistic-turf surface, it's also made with ultra-thick foam that will not fray or peel off. Our goal is for you to get many years of putting practice out of this portable green.

    We don't want to just provide you with premium golf training aids; we also want to show you how to use them, so you can take your game to the next level and shoot lower scores. This putting mat comes with a video that a teaching pro created to help beginners and even pros improve at putting.

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