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    How to make healthy shell tortillas for tacos using the taco toaster

    How to make healthy shell tortillas for tacos using the taco toaster - Taco Toaster
    Making shell tortillas for tacos using the taco toaster
    Making healthy tacos for dinner has never been easier with the incredible taco toaster. Tacos are a great way to incorporate healthy meat alternatives and still enjoy a classically delicious family meal. Regardless of the meat or vegetarian alternatives you use as ingredients for your tacos, the way they are composed typically stay the same.

    You have the ability to go in a healthier direction with tacos, and in this day in age where there are so many easy ways to veer of track with your health, it is important to stay diligent. While ordering in might sound more pleasant, keep in mind how you feel after you have cooked a healthy home made meal. Knowing exactly what goes into your food is key in understanding how to make healthier choices whether you are out and about or staying home.

    When you break down the ingredients of a taco you typically need a base, which is your meat, you can use ground beef, ground chicken, ground turkey, beyond minced meat, or even jack-fruit can be turned into a shredded pork-like meatless base for your taco. The next ingredient is of course going to be your lettuce or cabbage, then you move onto your shredded Mexican cheese, and finally your pico. With your pico you can substitute several ingredients to either make it more spicy or even sweet.
    For example, you might make your pico with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, green pepper, lime juice, salt, and pepper for a mild yet flavorful addition to your taco. Or alternatively you could create a tangy and sweet pico simply by adding diced mango chunks and a pinch of jalapeno pepper. As for the additional condiments you can set out sour cream, or plain Greek yogurt for a healthier option. And either mash up a few avocados for your guacamole or slice them into thin pieces if you prefer a more substantial piece of avocado in your tacos.

    Last but not least, you can choose to fry your tortillas to make hard shell tacos, which require quite a bit of oil. Or you can use the taco toaster to create hard shell tacos without using any oil, butter, or even the stove top. When you are thinking about choosing healthier alternatives to feed yourself something more nourishing, or maybe you would like to teach your children how to alternate between healthy and even healthier ingredients, then the taco toaster is going to be a great option for your home.

    Time and time again we see people opting for the unhealthy store bought hard taco shells that have all sorts of ingredients in them to keep them preserved. It can also be disheartening when you have stuck to super healthy meal options and ingredient alternatives but then have to compromise because you either don't know how to make hard taco shells, or don't want to go through the hassle of frying with oil?

    Luckily with the taco toaster this completely eliminates the need to fry your own corn or flour tortillas in oil to make hard taco shells, or even be forced to purchase taco shells from the store that might still contain unhealthy ingredients.
    The taco toaster works best if you lightly dampen your corn or flour tortillas with a wet paper towel, then pop it in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds. After this step you simply insert the soft taco into the taco toaster and hold the sides together while lowering it into your traditional toaster. It's that easy! Using the same toaster that you use to toast bread in the mornings for breakfast can double as a perfect way to create delicious hard taco shells without any oil or butter! Why not get a second use out of you toaster?

    After placing the taco toaster loaded with your preferred tortillas, go ahead and let it toast for just a few minutes until it is lightly golden brown in some areas. Remove your taco toasters and pull out your hard taco shells with zero mess. Also, something to note that you will actually love about the taco toaster is that fact that it has a slightly wider and square-like bottom mold. What this means is that your tortillas will conform to the shape that allows for them to stand up on your plate.

    With such a simple alternative to creating oil-free, zero mess, and low-calorie taco shells, it is difficult to think of another product that can provide such an easy and incredible solution to making hard taco shells.
    taco toaster

    The Taco Toaster is created with BPA-free materials that are also completely approved by the FDA as safe to be used in contact with your food. The Taco Toaster is also dishwasher safe and made in the USA. Ideally you will want to use the small tortillas that do not exceed 5.5" in total.


    The Taco Toaster is perfect for families who enjoy a taco night every week and need an alternative to soft tacos, tacos made in oil, or store bought hard shell tacos with unhealthy ingredients.

    Delicious meals do not have to be bad for you too, they can be made in a way that actually nourishes your body and gives your family the nutrients they need in a healthy meal. It is so important to be vigilant about the foods we are giving our families this day in age. With so many faux healthy options at the grocery stores these days, it can be a minefield trying to avoid and dodge products that claim to be healthy until you turn the package around and find it is a the exact opposite of what it claims to be.

    Maintain the integrity of your food, and find alternatives that avoid harmful processing techniques. Keeping your stomach healthy is crucial to your overall health, you want to feed your organs, body, and blood with nutrients that are going to help your body perform at its best, not the exact opposite!