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    Best Twin Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

    Best Twin Air Mattress with Built-In Pump

    No matter the situation, an Twin air mattress is a very handy temporary sleeping solution to have on you at any time. The right ones will be portable, convenient, and can even be comfortable enough to use on the regular without the fear of deflating beneath your weight.

    There are plenty of Twin air mattresses available on the market, varying in types, styles, sizes, and features – some of which come especially in handy, like an internal pump.

    In this buying guide you’ll learn what good an air mattress with a built-in air pump can be for you, and which ones are definitely worth a look once you know what you want one.

    Why Even Buy an Air Mattress?


    Twin Air mattresses aren’t really considered a permanent way to sleep, they’re more of a temporary resort under certain situations. They may not be as luxurious, comfortable, or supportive as regular mattresses with foam or springs, but they can be plenty of useful stand-ins when you can’t use a regular mattress at the moment.

    Once you think of them as accessories for sleep, air mattresses won’t seem too bad an idea to have.

    • Need a lofty sleep commodity for a camping trip? Bring an air mattress and avoid sleeping on the ground with a sleeping bag.
    • Have a company staying over and not enough bedding at home for everyone? Blow up your air mattress, put on a fitted bed sheet and you’re all set to welcome guests.
    • Kids having a sleepover with their friends? Not only will air mattresses provide extra bedding for friends, but they’ll have way more fun with these over sleeping bags.

    Inflating an air mattress isn’t even an issue in a temporary sleep setting. When deflated, they become compact enough to be folded in a bag and come with a pump included. In the case of this buying guide, these mattresses come with their electric pumps built-in for that added convenience.

    Benefits of a Built-in Pump

    What’s the main reason you’d want to buy an air mattress with an integrated pump versus one without? The convenience, of course!

    With a built-in pump, there’s no need to buy or bring another piece of equipment with you. You won’t spend extra dollars or take up extra space on your suitcase when everything comes as one piece.

    The hassle of setting up and attaching an external pump is removed and replaced with a simple push of a button to both inflate and deflate your mattress.

    Likely chances are that if you’re buying an air mattress with a built-in pump, you’re also getting a pricier, higher-quality mattress. You can worry less about how long you have before the mattress deflates in your sleep and enjoy using it longer and more regularly than you’d expect.

    Some More Things to Consider


    Of course, being a large bag of air for you to sleep on means there won’t be much of a variety of materials to choose from. You’ll find ones commonly made of PVC or nylon, which is slightly more durable.

    twin air mattress


    The mattresses you really want to look for are the ones with some sort of soft fabric material on top, such as flocked fabric. This will make your air mattress much easier to sleep on and much harder to slide or fall off of.

    The velvety fabric will definitely help you put on bedding much easier, such as a mattress topper or bed sheet that won’t skid around or make rubbery sounds as you shift around in your sleep.

    Weight Capacity

    Manufacturers will usually advertise how much weight the mattress can effectively support, so you can get a better idea of which one is better suited to your needs or those of whoever plans on using it.

    air mattress

    It is important to remember that while it is an important part to consider, the maximum weight capacity of an air mattress isn’t directly indicative of the mattress’s quality. Just because an air mattress claims to support 500 pounds doesn’t mean it’s immediately a good mattress.

    Storing Capabilities

    best twin air mattress

    Storing away a deflated air mattress can be heavy and a hassle. Folding them incorrectly or rolling them up against the manufacturer’s directions could potentially ruin your mattress before you get to use it again.

    Be sure to check if your mattress of choice comes with a storage bag, which will help greatly in making the mattress easier and more convenient when storing away.


    Mattresses with built-in pumps will be double in height to imitate conventional mattresses. This will not only make them higher, but also less likely to deflate and fall totally flat beneath your weight. For the best comfort, consider double-height mattresses 18 inches or higher. These will not only be comfortable, but much easier to get onto and off of.
    If you are looking for something lighter or a bit more portable, you can opt for a shorter mattress.

    Other Features

    Some secondary features you can look for (if you’ve got the budget for it) are not necessary by any means but make your sleeping experience much easier.

    air mattress with pump

    Some higher-end Twin air mattresses come with a pressure sensor that will detect if your mattress has gotten too flat and will work together with the integrated pump to maintain the desired firmness all night for an automated overnight experience.

    Some mattresses can have remotes with which you can set your desired firmness, while others (the particularly expensive ones) will include an LED light or USB port for extra convenience.

    Premium Twin Air Mattress for Camping, Home & Travel

    twin air mattress



    Our premium, waterproof air mattresses can be used as a floor mattress at home, a portable bed for traveling, and even as a camping mattress in the great outdoors.

    Fast Set-Up

    Our twin air mattress with a built-in pump inflates in under 2 min. If camping or traveling, use a portable battery pack or car outlet adapter alongside the pump to inflate.


    Designed with puncture-resistant PVC, this 16" blow-up mattress has a premium comfort top flocking to prevent leaking and provide non-slip stability.


    Our portable, inflatable mattress has a sturdy coil beam construction - perfect for a comfy catnap in your neck of the woods.


    To achieve your desired level of comfort, use the built-in, fastest inflating pump on the market to fill up the twin air bed. Let it form and then inflate or deflate to your liking.

    Buy Here: Premium Twin Air Mattress for Camping, Home & Travel

    Best Overall

    This air mattress features coil beam construction, providing firm support for proper spinal alignment. The result? All of the comfort of your regular mattress, with the convenient space-saving size of an air mattress.
    A 16" profile provides the perfect height to easily get out of bed. The sturdy build and raised profile make it easy to get in and out, and an anti-slip bottom prevents the air mattress from moving even on wood or tile floors.
    Constructed from puncture-resistant PVC and protected with welded seams, the EnerPlex air mattress is made to withstand use over time. Premium quilt top flocking provides the perfect mixture of comfort and durability.
    Includes a carry bag, making it easy to pack away or take with you. Inflate and deflate it any time you need to, and never worry about where you're going to sleep again!


    Finding the right Twin air mattress is not as difficult as you think. While there may be many models on the market that are simply mediocre, there are a few that we’ve highlighted which really stand out. When you look, be sure to do your own research as well, either from reviews or previous customers because air mattresses can indeed be a very handy investment that can help you in the long run.