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    Mini Dirt Bike Complete Buying Guide

    Mini Dirt Bike Complete Buying Guide

    Getting a dirt bike and enjoying the trails is a fun way to experience the world and learn new things too. And like any experienced dirt biker will tell you, most of their best dirt biking memories often started with their first dirt bike. So, to spread the love for all thing’s dirt track and grease, getting your kid their very first dirt bike is a fun experience all on its own.

    But not all dirt bikes are suitable for children, and some aren’t even suitable for teenagers either. So, to help you get the right bike for your kid’s first trail run, let’s jump in and see what they’ll need to consider, features, tips, and other dirt biker tips too.


    Before you get into the many intricacies of mini dirt bikes, there are a few tips and factors you may want to consider first. Some of these factors are as follows:

    • Mini Dirt Bike Maintenance and Costs
      Picking out a dirt bike is easy, finding one that is easy to maintain and won’t break the bank in repairs, is a bit harder. Like any machine, dirt bikes require a certain level of maintenance to remain safe enough to ride on and off the trails. Depending on the type of engine and your skill level with bike mechanics will determine what mini dirt bike is best for you and your child.
    Dirt Bike

    After all, some mini dirt bikes like the two-stroke engine varieties require a lot more maintenance and sometimes professional repairs. But a four-stroke bike may be easier for families looking to ride and DIY their repairs.
    • Carbureted Engine or EFI?
      Dirt bikes can be broken down into two major types – carbureted and EFI. Carbureted engines require adjustments every so often and are use fewer electrical components to function. EFI engines are basically electric fuel-injected engines that allow the bike to operate efficiently without as many adjustments.
    • Storage and Transport
      Not all dirt bikes are small enough to put in the back of your truck or car. Some are large enough that you’ll need a trailer to safely transport your dirt bike back and forth from the trails and tracks.

      On top of transporting these mini mechanical marvels, you’ll need a safe place to store them. To keep the bike from warping or degrading too quickly it is ideal to store a mini dirt bike in a lockable shed or garage underneath a tarp.
    • Registration and Other Requirements

    Depending on the area you live in, you may need to have the dirt bike registered and/or insured. Some tracks and trails may also require that the dirt bikes you use are registered and meet certain standards before entering.

    • Is It a Hobby or Temporary Interest?
      While it is common for many people to often pick up a hobby and then grow bored of it, this is especially the case for children. Since mini dirt bikes don’t exactly come cheap, you’ll want to ensure that your child is really committed to the passion for dirt biking and all that comes with it. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a lot of expensive gear for a fleeting interest.
    • Is for Motorcross or Outdoor Trails?
      If you’re dead set on getting a mini dirt bike, then the final factor to consider is where your child is riding off too. Some bikes can switch well between Motorcross and outdoor trails while others may be strictly Motorcross track material or outdoor trails friendly.


    Mini Dirt Bike

    Now that we got all the minor points out of the way we can get into the real nuts and bolts of mini dirt bikes – the features .

    1. Starter System

    Dirt bikes for kids usually have one of two types of starter systems. They are either electric or a kick-start. Electric starter systems are as simple as pushing a button to turn on the bike. While a kick-start starter system is for more powerful dirt bikes and may require a parent’s assistance to get it going.

    2. Dirt Bike Size

    Dirt bikes, like their riders, vary in size. You’ll need to consider the age, height, weight, and even reach of your child. Some bikes are better suited for younger kids while others are geared towards older kids and teenagers. As a general rule, let the child sit on the bike before buying, if both their feet touch the ground then the dirt bike is the right size.

    Another tip is the elbows must be 90 degrees with the torso and the rider’s back must be straight. Seat height will also be an important sizing feature to consider when picking a bike that suits your child.

    3. Tire Size

    Dirt bikes typically have the rear wheel being smaller in diameter than the front wheel as well as more traction. For a good off-road experience, go with wheels that are smaller in diameter but have thicker tires. This will help the rider maintain control over the bike when on bumpy terrain.

    4. Brand

    On top of size ranges, dirt bikes differ by brands as well. You may find that some dirt bike brands are better suited for your child’s specifications than others. Always look for reputable mini dirt bike brands that offer easy repair and maintenance.

    5. Throttle Control

    Mini dirt bikes are geared towards kids, but it doesn’t always mean they offer good throttle control. You’ll want to look for dirt bikes with this feature since it helps with children learning to ride and keeps them from riding off too fast.

    6. Transmission size:

    A transmission’s size will vary depending on the model of the bike. The engine’s size should be considered since it can impact how easy your child can sit and switch gears when on the bike. A 50cc engine is ideal for little kids just starting, while anything larger will be better for bigger kids and teenagers. Many bike engines can go from 50cc up to 125cc.

    Mini Dirt Bike

    Final Thoughts:

    Finding the best mini dirt bike to ride the trails doesn’t have to be harder than it seems. After all, there are many models to choose from that can provide the ultimate trail or Motorcross experience that money can buy. We hope this mini dirt bike buying guide helps you find the perfect rid for your child’s next outdoor adventure.