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    Magnetic Pet Door for Cats, Kitties and Kittens

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    About this item

    • ☞CONVENIENT LOCK --- The knob-style switch is 4 way rotary, you can easily rotate it to 4 modes with the arrow and icons to control your cat's access options: in only, out only, in and out freely, totally locked.
    • ☞IMPROVED WEATHER-PROOF BRUSH STRIP --- It provides a fixed groove with snap tabs for weather-proof brush strip, firmly fix the brush strip. Even if the brush strip comes off, easy to put it back into the fixed groove. This greatly help the brush strip reduce noise, stop rain drop, wind or pest like mosquito to the most.
    • ☞THOUGHTFUL SCREWS --- It comes with 2 packs of 8 screws each, one is packed with short screws, the other long. Please screw in with them from both sides to prevent crack out of incaution, don't just from one side. You could make 8 screws for the 4 screw holes with long + long, long + short, or short + short group according to the depth of door / wall being installed.
    • ☞EASY TO INSTALL --- Step by step installation instruction in the instruction manual included in sales box and installation presentation video for you reference, take care of notice and prepare necessary tools, easy to install as your need. The tunnel depth could be cut down according to your installation need.
    • ☞APPLICABLE FOR --- Inner size 2.17" / 5.5CM(D) x 6.18" / 15.7CM(W) x 6.30" / 16CM(H), it's suitable for cat with waist circumference shorter than 15.75" / 40CM. And the outer size is 2.17" / 5.5CM(D) x 7.56" / 19CM(W) x 8.46" / 21.5CM(H). It fits to being installed to interior doors, exterior doors, walls, windows, cupboards, glass, etc.

    Outer size: 7.56" / 19CM(W) x 8.46" / 21.5CM(H) x 2.17" / 5.5CM(D)

    Inner size: 6.18" / 15.7CM(W) x 6.30" / 16CM(H) x 2.17" / 5.5CM(D)

    It's suitable for cat lighter than 15.43 lb and waist circumference shorter than 15.75" / 40CM.


    1). Make sure that the width and height(shoulder level) of the pet are inferior to the pet screen door, thanks.

    2). The magnet at the bottom of the door frame is for aligning the flap after swings, it doesn't work as a lock, thanks.

    Upgraded Product Features:

    1. Convenient knob-style switch, you could easily control your cat or other cats in or out options, in only, out only, in and out freely, totally locked.

    2. Fixed groove with snap tabs for weather-proof brush strip greatly help fix it.

    3. Tunnel depth could be cut down, plus 1 package long + 1 package short screws, double-sided tape, considerably meet your needs that install to different kinds of interior doors, exterior doors, walls, windows, cupboards, glass, etc.

    cat doors for interior doorscat doors for exterior doors

    Installion instructions

    Draw outline on the paper boardDraw the cat door frame on a paper board and cut it down.


    You had better prepare these necessary tools first, pencil, ruller, electric saw, drill, screwdriver, double-side tape.

    Use a pencil draw around the edge of the cut paper on the door you want to be fixed to.


    Generally, average installation height is around 10-15 cm from the floor.

    Drill 4 corners for thorough holes first with an electric drill.

    Cut out the tunnel hole with an electric saw starting at holes drilled.Mount to the doorInstalled cat door

    After the tunnel hole is cut out, it's better to wrap around it with a layer of wood skin. And if your hole is cutting a little big, it's quite neccessary.

    If the cat door is too thick for your door, use a scissors or cutting machine to cut down some part of tunnel along the line A or B. The cutting scale is about 2-4CM.

    Mount the cat door with double-side tape to the door. 8 screws for 4 holes on both sides, screw them all in 2 sides as illustration shown above, please. These 8 screws are designed to work together, they are not short.

    Place screw caps over the screw holes, press them on. The installation is completely done.


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